Diploma Program

After Completion of all modules (Module A, B, C, D & E and successful submission of Post workshop Assignment and Anatomy online exam), Practitioner can appear for Diploma examination.
Diploma Examination has two parts.

Theoretical examination: answer 60 MCQ questions in a maximum time frame of 150 minutes (2 ½ hour). 60% is pass mark and there is no negative marking. There may be more than one or all correct answers which the participant need to address to get the full mark. Missing one correct answer of two wouldn’t be entertained with any marks.

You must pass the theoretical part of the examination to appear at Practical part.

The practical examination is done in couples, about max. 45 minutes per person: you should show a series of examination and treatment techniques; you choose the procedures yourself, blind, at random. There would be two or more functional assessment, Accessory test, special tests from assessment section. There would be several treatment techniques what the participant needs to perform with description. The examiner may ask you to performed the techniques on his own body.

There would be viva questions related to functional assessment and techniques, diagnosis and differential diagnosis. The competency of participant would be assessed through clinical reasoning.