ETGOM Cyriax Asia,
is committed for the education you want, the attention you deserve.
We offer the best continuing medical education for both Physiotherapists and Physicians.

We focus on clinical examination with emphasis on relevant clinical reasoning, diagnosis and differential diagnosis.

We review detailed anatomy with Cadaveric Video, live Surface marking and palpation backed up by online anatomy portal. We also use MSK Ultrasound to determine the inert and contractile structures where indicated.

Our frequently used treatment options are: Transverse Friction, Peripheral Mobilisation and Manipulations, Spinal Mobilisations and Manipulations, Traction/Decompression, Home exercises-self treatment strategy, Injection and Infiltration. We have also incorporated, when indicated, the use of Radial Shock wave therapy, Taping and Dry Needling.

Invest in efficient knowledge and enhance your diagnostic and therapeutic skills.

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